Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew : The 10 Brands We love!

In recent years, Cold Brew has become the norm for many people. In the Cold Brewing process, the grounds are submerged in water of a much lower temperature than other methods. Although different types and sizes vary greatly depending on bean type, many flavor profiles that characterize them depend heavily upon bean types. In this post, we like to list the best coffee beans for cold brew

Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

Stone Street Single Origin Colombian Coffee

With coarsely ground beans, these dark roasts allow slow extractions of flavor that provide finished product with bold and smooth taste. This dark roast is specifically designed for this. There is a singular source characteristic for these beans which provide greater variety and depth in their flavors. The cultivation climates are preferable for coffee beans because they have a rugged landscape with a higher elevation. There’s no high pH, making it easy for the stomach. It’s also perfect for those with high levels of sensitivity to acid. This brand has a slight sweetness which allows it to be enjoyed without additives.

 Cooper’s Cask Coffee Guatemalan Beans

If you don’t like dark coffee it’s perfect for you. With hints of caramel and milk chocolate that are noticeable but stray far from overpowering the coffee, Cooper’s single origin Guatemalan beans makes an extremely well balanced batch of cold brew, and the beans were ground and roasted specifically for this method. Another thing to note is the fact that it uses a smaller amount of grounds when preparing the cold brew, the ratio being 6 ounces of coffee for every 32 ounces of water. So it’s all up to personal preference of course if you’re an expert in cold brew. With a long shelf life after brewing is complete, bold but still maintaining the lighter attributes that come from a medium roast, and a well-balanced flavor profile, Cooper’s Cask is definitely a must try for any coffee lover.


Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee

Just right in case you want an easy way into coffee with fresh coffee. The grounds come in individual coffee bags.For easy preparation, there will be nothing remaining from your cup.I find that this short period in your fridge gives you more then enough time to enjoy it before it’ll be too late to finish. But chicory’s rich flavor profile gives it an even slight smokeiness finish and signature New Orleans style spices make for very well balanced coffee. The beans are delicate and practical. These coffee beans will make you want something warm or smooth.

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Made from organic ingredients, the cold-brewing bizzy provides an innovative twist to the flavor of espresso. It gives many choices that cater specifically to those who have varied tastes. A sweet smooth or dark blend is available. Both are made from Nicaragua and Peru. You can choose between the two. Each origin of the Coffee has its own unique flavor profile because of different regions in which beans are grown. Both coffee varieties have also included cocoa flavors in addition. Many recommended recipes and instructions can be found on the packaging to help inexperienced drinkers make their own fresh coffee brews. A skilled brewer however has the freedom to make an even stronger brew. There is an average of 14-20 hours of brewing time depending on the desired strength of brew. All ingredients are very tastefully made. It is creamy with the finish having soft but strong flavors.

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Dark Brazilian Cerrado

As an original roasting technique, the single origin coffee provides an rich full flavor profile with smooth taste and feel, leaving no unwanted bitterness in the drink. It is one of the highest rated coffees of all time because of the environment, climate and its nutty taste and the hints of rich chocolate. It will therefore give the same value to the cold brew. A traditional drying method used in roasting gives the coffee its unique taste and sets it apart from other roasts or blends. The beans for Cerrado are partly sun dried. In order to maintain freshness for a high quality brew taste, beans are ethically harvested. The beans are packaged immediately after roasting. It is a medium-dark roast, so although the overall coffee flavor will be apparent, the sweetness from the chocolate and rich flavor from the nutty hints will give you a very smooth and easy to drink cold brew.

Koffee Kult Dark Roast

When roasted with care and quality roasting to ensure all of our coffee beans receive the best possible flavor, Koffee Kult makes an excellent choice. Its multi-origin nature provides an exceptionally well-crafted blend with bold, smooth clean flavors although they have many different options. The dark roast is one their highest rated coffees. All beans are packaged and grinded by immediately after roasting so that your coffee has optimal freshness and protects its taste profile. This coffee was not made specifically for cold brew but can still be used for this method of brewing and you can find recommended measurements almost anywhere. A good rule of thumb to follow when making cold is a 1 part coffee to 8 parts water ratio, although this can be changed dependent upon your specific liking in boldness. Personally, I love this rich, smooth clean cup.

Verena Street Nine Mile Sunset

It has new complex flavors and is full of comfortable soft and rich flavors. It is available in a cold brew format and will bring this complexity to life. When roasted in small batches, Verena Street ensures an optimal roasting process for each and every bean they source. The coffee comes from different regions and is roasted at varying temperatures which gives it a bold and rich flavor and is perfect for cold brew lovers who lean more towards the darker end of the spectrum, as the pure coffee taste will come through but will also be accompanied by the different regional flavors that make up this dark roast blend.

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Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

One unique feature is its two different types of peaberry bean which have been combined to form single bean. This combination of coffee beans has probably gave the bean its richier flavor and gives it more smooth, more bright, more juicy and sweeter taste. The peaberry, with its combined two beans, is round unlike other beans that have a flat surface, and this allows for a more even roast which brings about more full bodied aromas and flavor profiles, although the individual taste is not for everyone. It is sourced from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and is a medium roast which allows for the peaberry flavor affinities to come forth in their entirety. The Acidité separates this roasting from other roasts but lies more on the intense side of the bold flavor spectrum, so it may not sit well with some. The beans are packed immediately for the protection of freshness, and the ratios remain the same for preparation. But the medium roast may be too weak for the dark roasters, so a larger coffee amount to water is suggested for a bolder cup.

Death Wish Coffee

No need for confusion about its packaging or its names. This dark roast coffee blends perfectly with hot water and is perfect in hot water for cold drinks.You’ll have an excellent start to your morning that will be supported by notes that come from chocolate or cherry that come from this blend. The roasting of Arabica and Robusta beans offers higher concentration of caffeine per cup than other brands. Due to its high caffeine concentration, 200% more to be precise but completely organic, and robust flavors, the 1 part coffee ratio to 8 parts water will be suitable for this blend, although again it is dependent upon what you desire in your cold brew. Whatever that preference is, this slow roasted, small batched, unique blend will give you the cold brew you’ve been wanting, without all the bitterness and ugly aftertastes and instead with a smooth, extremely drinkable cup.

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Tiny Footprint Coffee

The light, sweet sweet aromas are also built on sustainable practices. Each cup of coffee purchased goes towards tree planting and other practices meant to help the planet’s natural habitat. This is a carbon negative company. What makes it unique to its own light are rich and silky flavors found in the cocoa bean and its highlands. This is a blend ideal for those who crave chocolate hints. The mix of light and dark roasts, with the inclusion of signature Ethiopian beans, creates a cold brew that lies on the stronger side and is more bold in flavor and bitterness. However, cold brew deceases that characteristic and you are left with an complex batch of good-karma cold brew.

Tips When Using Coffee Beans to make Cold Brew?

Grind size

You must avoid coarse ground beans when making the Cold Brew. This may result in an excess of bitterness and other factors that will make it less enjoyable to drink in cold temperatures.

Roast Type

According to some experts, this type of coffee may be not essential in order for you to achieve good tasting Cold Brewing. It is important to take in account that darker roasts are preferred for cold brew because they provide the most of their original flavor in the least amount of possible time and are consistent. So be sure to keep the grounds submerged for a longer period of time to extract the flavors that classify the beans. If you use a lighter roast, these beans are lost by freezing in their cold-brew process, but medium roasts are perfect for maintaining balance in flavor affinities which make each bean uniquely different.

Why drink Cold Brew Coffee?


Each blend or single origin bean is classed in ways other methods cannot replicate and allows each bean to be tasted differently. The cold-brew method offers an alternative method of enjoying the different flavors. If you are looking for a caffeine-free breakfast on an easy foot and low acidity in your stomach, this is an excellent start to your day with.

Which is the Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?

For cold brewing methods, all of these beans are perfect in terms in flavor, caffeine concentration or strength. The quality is dependent upon personal preference only. Let me say we are hoping the following article will give an idea of what coffee beans to buy for cold brew.


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