Can Coffee Beans Go Bad?

Buying coffee beans in bulk is the best way to save money. However, the question arises. Can coffee beans get worse?

Can coffee beans get worse?

Coffee Bean Expiration Date

Since coffee is a food product, it has an expiration date on the packaging at the time of purchase, after which the product can no longer be consumed. However, this applies to the entire pack. This is because once opened, the coffee needs to be used up relatively quickly. The coffee pods are individually wrapped and remain closed until use, making them easy to store until the expiration date. Coffee beans can also be kept as cold and dry as possible and kept firm as long as they are out of direct sunlight.
As with all foods, it is advisable to check the expiration date printed on the coffee packaging. The maximum storage period for coffee on the bag is 18 months, while for ecological bags it is up to 12 months.

How long can coffee beans be stored?

However, although coffee is one of the products that has no actual expiration date, it should be remembered that it is “consumed by … if possible”. The company does not guarantee the storage condition or sensory properties of the product. ..
Coffee can also be consumed after expiration unless the vacuum packaging is always intact and stored in a damp place or in contact with a heat source.

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Coffee Latest Consumption Date

Preservation is important to determine if a product is still good. The only problem that expired coffee can cause is loss of aroma and taste, but never drink it 6 months after the expiration date. When it comes to the best-by date, I’m not saying it’s unacceptable because it’s deteriorating and harmful, but it’s because it loses its tasteless and flavorless sensory properties over time. Mold grows due to inadequate storage or storage in a humid environment. It is probably advisable to store the coffee in a vacuum-packed container with a thermal seal so that moisture, light and air do not affect the quality of the coffee. This is your favorite package as it is usually sold this way rather than in bulk.
Coffee is generally sensitive to air, cold, heat and light. This is because when roasted, it is rich in fat that concentrates on the surface. Fat that comes into contact with air is rancid and oxidized. Moisture and heat only accelerate this process. In addition, the roasting process increases the amount of coffee and makes it more porous and permeable than freshly harvested beans through air and moisture.

Summary …

In short, as the so-called “two rules” state, coffee deteriorates quickly and should be drunk as soon as possible. “50% of the aroma of coffee beans deteriorates in 2 days. 50% of ground coffee breaks down in 2 hours and espresso in a cup breaks down in 2 minutes.

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