Can You Freeze Coffee Beans?

How long can you keep coffee beans?

As most coffee lovers know, our precious beans have a short shelf life. Freshly roasted coffee beans only remain fresh for about 3 to 4 week, once you open the bag they are sealed in.

Like any fresh products, keeping coffee out of contact from moisture and oxygen, light and heat will help keep it fresher for longer. But the one of the first things that causes problems for fresh coffee beans is oxygen. Once a freshly ground coffee bean comes into contact with air, the whole coffee bean will degrade, beginning with its aroma.

Another issue that affects the freshness of your coffee bean is its exposure to heat. When the coffee bean is left in hot conditions, it perishes as the natural chemical reactions within the coffee bean are accelerated. The intensity of the light also speeds up this process. Coffee’s delicate flavor compounds, whether they’re in whole bean or ground form, will degrade if it comes into contact with sunlight.

I have felt the disappointment of opening a bag of moldy coffee beans and realizing that that my morning coffee fix just would not happen. Purchasing high-quality coffee beans only for them to lose their quality or even become unusable because of how we store them is very frustrating.

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So the question remains “Can you freeze coffee beans?”

Can You Freeze Coffee Beans?

I felt I needed to change how I phrased my initial question. To answer the question, Can you freeze coffee beans? The obvious answer is “yes”. As long as you have space in your freezer, you can freeze coffee beans.

Is it okay to freeze coffee beans?

I should have phrased the question in a manner such as should you freeze coffee beans and the answer to this is NO, especially if you want to keep the coffee tasting its best.

How to freeze coffee beans?

If I left you with no option but to freeze your coffee beans, do the following:

  • Put the coffee beans in a well-sealed bag and remember moisture is one of coffee’s greatest enemies. If the bag is open to any of the frozen elements in your freezer, the coffee is going to quickly absorb the moisture.
  • If you are looking to keep roasted coffee beans fresh for longer, always separate them into smaller bags. This means you can leave them undisturbed and take them out as you need them for your brew.
  • Just like any vegetables or fruit or anything else you take from your fridge, you should let it defrost and come to room temperature before making your mug of coffee.
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As you can see, freezing may be a viable option but there are so many factors that comes into play. Doing it correctly is sometimes difficult.

How to store coffee beans long term?

Purchase a dedicated Coffee Container

Purchasing an airtight coffee bean container will help keep your coffee fresher for longer. If you’re truly passionate about your coffee, you can buy steel containers that are designed using a mechanism that seals them in an airtight fashion to ensure your roasted coffee beans remain fresher for longer. Containers look cute carbon dioxide in and coffees are enemy, oxygen out.

How long can you store coffee beans?

If you store coffee beans in sealed containers in dry and dark places, they can last up to a couple of months without losing their freshness.

To wrap up.

Ensuring that your favorite coffee bean is ready for your preferred moving method during it is vitally important. Storing freshly roasted coffee beans takes a bit of practice and once you remember you’re working with a perishable product and have a vulnerability to its environment once you pop open that sealed bag you’ll do everything to protect its integrity. As you can see, answering the question “Can you freeze coffee beans?” freezing your coffee beans is an option, but one that will have to be done carefully to ensure they remain usable.

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