Ground Coffee Vs Instant Coffee

Ground Coffee Vs Instant Coffee

Ground coffee are coffee beans which have been roasted and ground down to a specific size, but beyond that, they have not been processed any further. It is up to the person to mill down these ground coffee beans with a coffee grinder to be able to make drinkable coffee. Instant coffee, on the other hand, is coffee which has already been milled finely and processed so that it is ready to drink as soon as hot water is poured over it. As a result, the process of making this coffee is easier as it is instant.

Making Coffee From Ground Coffee

To be able to brew ground coffee, you must have a coffee grinder with which to grind the coffee beans. Afterward, a coffee maker can be used to brew the coffee in hot water at the temperature between 195F and 205F, so as to not scald the coffee beans but to draw out the flavour and aromatics. Alternatively, you can use a paper filter to roll up into an upside-down cone and hold over the cup point down, with the coffee, which you had milled down finely, inside. Next, pour the water over the milled coffee to make your own coffee to drink.

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Making Coffee From Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is made by roasting them first and then finely grinding them down to powder. Then they are brewed to get rid of its water content, leaving behind an extract, which is then put into a spray drying or a freeze drying process, resulting finally in dehydrated crystals of coffee. These dehydrated crystals are again stripped completely of any water content that is left in them and as well as that, to preserve their natural coffee flavour, before they are all ready to be packaged.

Differences in Quality between Ground Coffee and Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is made from a lower-quality type of coffee beans, typically from the Robusta variety, whereas most ground coffee is of a higher quality, making it healthier. As well as that, instant coffee loses some of its oils and and antioxidants during the drying and freezing process is undergoes. As well as that, ground coffee has slightly more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than the instant variety, especially a lot more potassium. However, apart from that, there is little difference in health benefits. Choosing a good instant coffee brand made from good-quality coffee beans is as good as ground coffee.

Differences In Caffeine Levels Between Ground Coffee And Instant Coffee

Usually, ground coffee has more caffeine content than the instant coffee variety. While instant coffee typically contains 60 mg to 80 mg of caffeine, ground coffee contains 60 mg to 120 mg of caffeine. Some individuals prefer their coffee to be rich in caffeine because it improves their physical and mental performance, keeps them alert, and gives them energy. Others, however, prefer their coffee to have less caffeine because it makes them jittery, nervous, or irritable. Also, people might prefer to drink less caffeine in the evening, to prevent sleeplessness, especially if they suffer from insomnia at night.

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Differences In The Flavour Of Ground Coffee And Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is typically more bitter than ground coffee. This is because the Robusta coffee beans used often to make instant coffee have a bitter edge to it. Ground coffee usually consists of coffee beans varieties which are better-quality, for instance Arabica coffee beans. Here’s the differences between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

Most instant coffees will also share a very similar taste, but it all comes down to whether it is light roast or dark roast. Ground coffee further has a better, richer taste often because of it’s natural oils, flavours, and aromas which are preserved. However, in the end, it all comes down to the brand of coffee.

Which Is Cheaper – Ground Coffee Or Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a lot cheaper than the ground coffee variety, because of the fact that usually ground coffee preserves more of its health benefits and essential oils. An instant coffee cup has the average price of around $0.07, but a cup of ground coffee costs more than that, having an average price of $0.37. Additionally, equipment such as a coffee maker will add even more to the cost of ground coffee.

Wrapping up

All in all, in conclusion, ground coffee is roasted, unprocessed coffee beans, whereas instant coffee is already ground down, processed coffee which has underwent a series of steps to make it a powder or fine form which brews instantly upon adding hot water. Very often, ground coffee has a better flavour and a richer taste, and added quality and health benefits. However, on the other hand, instant coffee is simpler and quicker to make, and it is cheaper.

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