Light Roast vs Dark Roast coffee

It is a debate worth considering: light roast vs dark roast coffee. You are what you drink which is why more of us should know the ins and outs of light roast vs dark roast coffee when considering which roast to drink.

Differences Between Light Roast Vs Dark Roast Coffee


Light roast coffee usually consists of light colored, brownish beans with little or no oil on them. Light roast is considered more flavorful, smoother in texture and taste, and more akin to the specific bean and where the bean was grown. The difference is the flavor. The roasting process is shorter, thereby making the light roast taste more flavorful and pleasing to the palate.

Dark roast coffee contains beans that are roasted for a longer period of time in a roasting machine, or, beans that are roasted at a higher temperature. The effect on the bean is that it has a stronger flavor, hence dark roast, and is less flavorful than light roast coffee. More moisture from the bean is lost in the dark roast process, and the result is usually a dense, bolder taste.

Roasting Process

The main difference in the roasting process for light roast vs dark roast coffee is the length and temperature of the roasting. Light roast beans are normally roasted at a temperature of approximately 350-400 degrees F for a period of about 5 minutes, or when the beans start to crack. Dark roast temperatures peak at around 480 degrees F, and the length of the roasting time is longer than the light roast beans, usually 10 to 16 minutes. The beans must be moved constantly, or scorching will occur.

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Caffeine Level

In the comparison of caffeine levels in light roast vs dark roast coffee, the truth is light roast has a higher caffeine content than dark roast. Due to the length of the roasting process, the dark roast retains less of its flavor along with less of its caffeine content. Since caffeine levels can be a problem for some people then choosing a dark roast over a light roast would probably be the answer. Sacrificing flavor for less caffeine may be a necessary option especially if you are having trouble sleeping at night from high caffeine levels in your coffee. Caffeine can also excerbate anxiety levels and so in the choice between light roast vs dark roast coffee, then dark roast would probably be the smarter choice. Also, if caffeine in your coffee is having an effect on your nerves, i.e., your nervous system, in the form of shaking, trembling, or nausea then the consensus would be to choose the roast with the less caffeine, the dark roast.


The acidity level of a particular roasted bean is more dependent on the altitude at which the bean was grown than anything else. Another important factor to mention is that the color of the bean also influences the acidity of the bean. As mentioned earlier, light roast beans are lighter in color and are thus higher in acidity than dark roast beans. When choosing a light roast vs dark roast coffee, the acidity content in each may be important to some people. Having higher levels of bitterness or acidity in your coffee every day when its causes problems for your stomach can be a detriment to one’s overall health. II acidity is a problem for you, the choice between light roast vs dark roast coffee would probably be the dark roast.

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Light Roast Or Dark Roast Coffee?

This question depends on which one works for you, whether it is in terms of flavor, cafferine or acidity.

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