Coffee Beans vs Cocoa Beans

Most people know that coffee beans get used to make coffee, and many know that cocoa beans are used to make chocolate. How related are these two types of “beans”? What is the difference between cocoa beans and coffee beans? Neither of them are beans like the kind that get eaten at almost every meal […]

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Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans

Coffee, like anything else in life, gets more complicated the further you drill down into it. Coffee is grown all over the world, in a variety of environments. It comes from a biological family that contains over six thousand species. Amidst all this variety are two species of coffee plant that are responsible for just […]

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Why does my stomach hurt after drinking coffee?

Coffee lovers like me can’t stand without coffee in a day. Who can blame us? The aroma and taste of the coffee seem to become an addicting part of our routine. However, there are times that coffee bothers our stomachs. It creates an uncomfortable, upset feeling in our tummy. If this sounds like you, then […]

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