Why Are Coffee Beans Roasted?

Like many adults, you can’t start the day without a cup of coffee in the morning. But when I look at this cup, there is a seemingly simple illusion of how coffee gets there in the first place. Like many products and household foods, coffee is processed in large quantities before entering the home. One of these important processes is the roasting of coffee beans. Why are coffee beans roasted? The answer is very simple. Coffee beans literally have no taste or aroma unless they are roasted first. But to understand why coffee beans are roasted, we first need to discuss where the coffee beans came from.

Coffee Cherry

Certainly, before I knew how to harvest coffee, I imagined it was like nuts. I thought there was an outer shell. The truth is that coffee actually comes from fruits. The fruit itself is edible, but the skin is not much larger than the beans in it. Imagine trying to eat grapes when the seeds are about the size of the grapes themselves. Not very attractive.
At this point, the recently harvested coffee beans do not appear to be what you imagined to appear in the ad or in your coffee bag. At this point, the coffee beans are actually quite pale or green, depending on their type. But more importantly, it has no taste or aroma.

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Why are coffee beans roasted?

Magic happens here. Harvested coffee beans have a chemical composition that makes a delicious cup of coffee, but the chemicals that make coffee cannot escape outside the structure of the coffee beans. Coffee can only be tasted until the beans are roasted. This is the process of destroying the external structure of the beans.
All coffee companies have different patented methods for roasting beans. But in the end, it all comes down to the temperature at which the beans were roasted. This is intuitive, light roasts were cooked at a lower temperature than dark roasts. Personally, I always preferred light roast.

Light Roast vs Dark Roast

But not everyone enjoys coffee because of its hedonistic value. For some, drinking coffee is just a practical activity for a successful work day. If so, lighter roasted coffee contains a lot of caffeine in it. This is because roasting beans burns out the caffeine molecules. Dark roasts can have a stronger taste and aroma, but have a significantly lower caffeine content than light roasts.

Roasting coffee beans yourself

Some coffee lovers are advised to try roasting coffee beans themselves. I’ve heard stories of people roasting beans in a toaster or frying pan. But most people would say it’s best to use a gas / propane grill and popcorn maker on the stove. The reason for grilling is that roasting beans can be spicy and unattractive. Therefore, some people should bake outside. The stove’s popcorn machine needs a mechanism that can turn the beans. This will completely roast the coffee beans. Remember to keep spinning these beans while they cook.

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